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We are Tall Children,
We are Tall Children,
Growing old but never up,
A frightened tree, that hoarded its flowers,
Rooted, mystified though feeling stuck,
And forever pruning those passing hours,
Seems a comfort under the circumstance,
We are Tall Children, so feeling the need,
To toil a thousand years through chance,
And mark, we’ll keep going for another,
Whether science or religion prevails,
Regardless, we are all brothers.
We are Tall Children,
Standing proud our battered sails,
And navigating our course to risk it all,
Before we hammer those final nails,
And we’ll still feel tall, when in fact we are small.
And still our over-serious plan at which we rage,
We are Tall Children curious at our cage we’ll claw,
We are Tall Children, our lives engaged,
Flailing in the dark to see,
Until one day I hope,
We’re finally free.

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